EMPIRE NAVIGATION INC was established in February 2009 and certified by ABS on August 2009 to provide commercial and technical management to modern oil and chemical tanker vessels. As managers of such vessels, we are committed to maintain highest standards of quality and safety in all our operations.

Empire Navigation offices are located in Elliniko, Athens, Greece.

Our company is a member of INTERTANKO, our Safety Management System is designed to meet all relevant requirements of ISO 9001-2008 (Quality), ISO 14001-2004 (Environment) and TMSA.

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TOTAL DWT 724.780



Type: Oil Tanker

DWT: 158,574

Yard / Year of construction
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd, South Korea / 2011


Quality Policy

The Company is committed to providing a Quality service, which consistently & continuously meets the requirements of its customers whilst protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general.

This is achieved by establishing & discharging managerial & operational processes, which have emerged from the combination of sound managerial principles and established experience in the Shipping Industry.

The Company aims to remain a quality service provider by:



  •   Meeting customer requirements as defined in the relevant Ship Management Agreements and Charter Parties;
  •   Developing and implementing controlled processes;
  •   Continual improvements in operational responsiveness;
  •   Complying with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISM Code as well as continually improving its Management System;
  •   Establishing and communicating measurable & consistent objectives and performance targets to company employees;
  •   Identifying and addressing risks and opportunities that affect conformity of services and customers’ satisfaction;
  •   Complying with applicable statutory requirements, international legislation and classification society requirements related to the services  provided ;
  •   Operating vessels without accident(s) or incident(s) that could endanger company’s employees, the environment or assets under the  company’s care;
  •   Complying with current Health & Safety legislation and;
  •   Developing employee skills and increasing their contribution through effective training

In order to meet the above objectives the company has developed and implements a Management System, which as a minimum shall meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IMO ISM Code and the MLC 2006.

All Company employees are responsible for implementing the company's Quality Policy.

The Company’s management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the Quality Policy at regular intervals in order to ensure that:

  •   It remains relevant and effective;
  •   It remains appropriate to the Company’s purpose and context, and
  •   Supports the Company’s strategic direction.

Company’s Quality Policy is also available to all interested parties.

Health, Safety Management & Enviromental Policy

It is the Company’s Policy to promote and enhance Health and Safety at Sea, Prevention of Human Injury or loss of life, welfare of employees and avoidance of any adverse impact on the environment.

The Company aims at safety and environmental excellence which is accomplished though the following objectives:

  • To provide for Safe Practices in ship Operation and a safe and healthy working environment.
  • To prevent damage to the ship, her cargo and the environment.
  • To assess all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment, establish appropriate safeguards and operate the ships within ALARP (“as low as reasonably practicable”) levels of risk;
  • To prevent loss of human life and personal injury.
  • To ensure that seafarers’ work environment on board ships promotes occupational safety and health
  • To continuously improve Safety Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to Safety, Health & Environmental Protection.

In order to effectively implement its Health, Safety Management & Environmental Protection Policy the Company:

  • Has appointed dedicated personnel with the responsibility to maintain an overview of Health, Safety and Environment matters.
  • Consistently  follows all national and international rules and regulations applicable to the Marine Industry.
  • Takes into account applicable guidelines, standards, codes and publications which are issued by maritime organisations and are directed towards creating a safe and pollution free (zero spill) environment.
  • Implements a Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program (SOHSP)
  • Continuously monitors all safety and occupational health aspects of the vessels.
  • Frequently inspects and audits the vessels and carries out necessary maintenance and repairs.
  • Continuously improves its management system by taking corrective & preventive action for identified problem areas.
  • Provides adequate resources to effectively implement this management system.
  • Provides a framework for setting & reviewing safety management system objectives and targets that are evaluated and reviewed during Management Review Meetings.
  • Has carried out a generic Risk Assessment to its basic operations and practices and has established safeguards against identified risks.
  • Undertakes an obligation to society (corporate social responsibility), in the form of commitment to local, national and international regulations, attention to environmental issues and adoption of a risk management policy.
  • Makes every effort to provide a safe and healthy workplace and considers working safely a condition of employment.
  • Provides necessary resources to implement the occupational health and safety program.
  • Recognizes that no task is so important for an employee to put himself at risk of injury or illness in order to get it done.
  • Protects the Health of seafarers and provides prompt access to Medical Care on board and ashore when needed.

All Company employees, shore based and seafarers are responsible for implementing the Company’s Safety, Health & Environment Protection Policy and are required to comply with the applicable standards and with the ship’s occupational safety and health policy and program.

All Company employees, shore based and sea going are responsible for implementing the Company’s Health, Safety Management & Environmental Protection Policy.

The Company’s senior officers and managers are responsible to always lead by example in safety-related issues.

The Company’s Management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing this Policy at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains relevant and effective.


Drugs & Alcohol Policy

The consumption or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs on company vessels is prohibited.

No person may be intoxicated, impaired or under the influence of alcohol while onboard a Company vessel. The Company for the purpose of alcohol abuse has defined intoxication, impairment or being under the influence a limit of not greater than 0.04% blood alcohol content (BAC) or 0.25 mg of alcohol per liter of breath (BrAC).

The misuse of legitimate drugs, or the use, possession, distribution or sale of illicit or unprescribed controlled drugs on board is strictly prohibited. A seafarer who is taking a prescription drug is required to present to the Company a statement from the prescribing physician that the prescription drug will not impair the seafarers work performance.

The following substances are not allowed on Company-managed vessels:

Alcoholic beverages including those purchased ashore
Illegal drugs such as but not limited to:
- Marijuana

- Cocaine

- Cannabinoides

- Amphetamines

- Methamphetamine

- Phencyclidine

- Opiates

and their derivatives.

In order to enforce this policy:

1) Consumption and possession of alcohol for private or any other use on board Company vessels is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

2) The possession, use, trafficking of any kind of illegal drugs and for any reason on board the ship is prohibited.

3) The Company implements procedures which meet or exceed the relevant Flag State legislation and/or ICS/OCIMF guidelines and enforces a strict blood/breath and/or urine test schedule involving:

    • mandatory pre-joining tests for all seafarers
    • periodical random testing/screening on board vessels.
    • Unannounced alcohol testing by third parties
    • Post incident alcohol testing part of incident investigation process.

In the interest of the health and safety of its employees, the Company reserves the right to inspect and search, at random unannounced times, any packages, boxes, clothing, or any other personal belongings carried on or off company property.

Seafarers found to be in violation of this Policy shall be immediately released from duty and dismissal / disciplinary action will be taken. Refusal to be subjected to D&A testing would equal to admission of guilt and the person will be subject to the same repercussions as any offender.

Adherence to this Policy is considered as a term of employment.


Office Positions

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Press Release

Press statement 05-Oct023


Empire Navigation, acting as manager of the M/T Suez Rajan, has resolved a violation of U.S. sanctions with the U.S. Department of Justice through a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.  In January-February 2022, M/T Suez Rajan loaded oil through ship-to-ship transfers near Singapore while the vessel was on time charter to an independent and unrelated third party.  The U.S. government determined that the vessel received sanctioned Iranian oil and the company does not dispute this fact.  This violation of U.S. sanctions occurred because the true origin of the oil was well disguised, and the company’s comprehensive sanctions compliance and due diligence procedures failed to detect the problem.  Empire Navigation’s leadership was not aware of the violation at the time that it occurred, and it acted promptly and responsively as soon as it was alerted and worked with the U.S. Department of Justice to resolve the matter.  The only known Empire Navigation employee who took actions that facilitated this sanctions violation is no longer with the company.   Among other things, Empire Navigation agreed to transport the cargo from its location near Singapore to Houston at its own great expense, so that the U.S. Department of Justice could pursue its forfeiture claim against the cargo.  Now that the cargo has been offloaded, the M/T Suez Rajan is again free to trade.  Part of the agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice was also that the applicable fine would be offset by the costs incurred by Empire Navigation in making the voyage and, as those costs have exceeded the applicable fine, the company’s financial obligation to the U.S. government is now resolved as well.


Empire Navigation greatly regrets that this violation of U.S. sanctions occurred on its watch, and it has gone to great lengths to remedy that error.  Empire Navigation appreciates the assistance of the U.S. Department of Justice in resolving this isolated and unfortunate incident.  As Empire Navigation moves forward from this incident, the company wants to emphasize that it remains committed to compliance with all applicable laws in every jurisdiction in which it operates across the globe. 


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